Helenbot Todo List


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Date Project Proposed: 13/12/2017
Team Member Assigned: DrMagnusDrMagnus, ChaoSeraChaoSera
Date of Completion:

Project Description
This document acts as a running todo list and issue tracker for the chatbot Secretary_Helen.

Proposed Solution/Technical Specification

Todo List

  • Wikidot Functions
    • Send PMs
    • Edit Pages (Maintain Staff Lists)
  • Index Tech Projects
    • Standardize markdown for pages with tech-project tag on 05, and give a listing on-demand
  • Chat Functions (Jarvy Backup)
    • Kick/Ban users
    • Quotes/Memos

Future development/Nice list

  • XML-RPC Console on the box
  • DB Packaged queries for lookups for debugging
  • Alerts for Disconnecting from IRC
    • Alerts for site-emergencies?

Refactoring List

  • Command pattern for commands
  • migrate command structure to guice?
  • Leveraging Helen for tracking O5 functions?
    • Disc/Non-disc count tracking per user
    • Ban expiration notifications
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