Site Ambassadors


Team Captain: Decibelles

Team Members: Gene R (SCP-RU), Resure (SCP-RU), Salamander724 (SCP-KO), shfoakdls (SCP-KO), Areyoucrazytom (SCP-CN), MScarlet (SCP-CN), Dr Grym (SCP-FR), Dr Frog (SCP-FR), Investigador Mallea (SCP-ES), Kuruni (SCP-TH), Slang (SCP-TH), holy_nova (SCP-JP), Dr_Grom (SCP-DE), Mefioo9 (SCP-PL)

Administrative Contacts: Roget [Primary Contact]

Responsibilities: This team has no specific jobs or responsibilities, as it is made up primarily of members of SCP Foundation sister sites. Members of this team serve as an advisory board and are given the ability to:

  • Voice concerns on site policy and discussions.
  • Make suggestions for improvements/policy changes based on their individual and collective experiences on their own sites.
  • Advise staff members on actions taken which could potentially affect other sites.

Note: Members of this team do not, by default, have any universal staff powers unless they are also members of at least one additional team. Additionally, the 'Team Captain' position for this team is not a boss or a leader, but rather, just a general contact who relays information as needed.

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