Welcome to the Ambassador Hub

Who are the Ambassadors?

The Ambassadors are Representatives of the official branches of the SCP Wiki. They serve as an advisory board and are given the ability to:

  • Voice concerns on site policy and discussions.
  • Make suggestions for improvements/policy changes based on their individual and collective experiences on their own sites.
  • Advise staff members on actions taken which could potentially affect other sites.
  • Though the Ambassadors are not staff members here and do not have staff powers by default.

The Ambassadors are also the go-to-team for administrators of unofficial branches, users who want to found a branch and members of existing inactive branches who want to reactivate their branch. New official branches may contact LadyKatieLadyKatie to send an Ambassador.


For questions regarding this hub, the Ambassadors or making a branch official, ask LadyKatieLadyKatie.

For questions regarding creation or reactivation of an unofficial branch, questions regarding moderation and administration as well as technical problems you may ask any of the Ambassadors, especially Dr_GromDr_Grom.

You can always send your question via Wikidot PM, or you can visit the International Translation Archive's Discord, where you will find most Ambassadors.

See also: How to create a branch of the SCP-Foundation

Branch list

Official branches

Branch Language O5-Wiki Sandbox Ambassadors
SCP-EN English O5 Sandbox LadyKatie
SCP-RU Russian O5 Sandbox Gene R, Resure
SCP-KO Korean Sandbox Salamander724
SCP-CN Chinese Sandbox Areyoucrazytom, MScarlet
SCP-FR French O5 Sandbox Dr Grym, Dr Frog
SCP-PL Polish O5 Sandbox Mefioo9
SCP-ES Spanish O5 Sandbox Uncle Nicolini
SCP-TH Thai O5 Sandbox Kuruni, Slang, Bonneneige
SCP-JA Japanese O5 Sandbox holy_nova
SCP-DE German O5 Sandbox Dr_Grom
SCP-IT Italian O5 Sandbox
SCP-INT (1) English O5 Sandbox Dr Grym, Dr_Grom
SCP-UA Ukrainian Sandbox
SCP-PT-BR Portuguese O5 Sandbox slashannemoo
SCP-CS Czech O5 Sandbox HawkeyeVole

Unofficial branches

Branch Language Contact Notes
SCP-EL Greek thatonetranslator
SCP-ND Danish, Faroese, Norge, Swedish Nederbird Multilingual Wiki
SCP-TR Turkish Anzirru
SCP-VN Vietnamese Flawed
SCP-ZH-TR Traditional Chinese WaterBrich

Please note that since March 2019, not every translation wiki that exists is automatically considered an unofficial branch, but that requirements have been defined and that INT staff votes on each translation wiki once they deem themselves fulfilling the requirements. The most actual and most official list of all known wikis can be found here. Please consider that list the only official source of wiki's status if you need a reference.

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This hub is maintained by Dr_GromDr_Grom. If you want to join as an ambassador, go to LadyKatieLadyKatie though.
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