Active Staff List

All information here is drawn from the Master Staff List which is to be considered the only official record of a staff member's activity level. This page is for ease of referencing which staff are presently active without needing to sort through every staff member who is presently Inactive or Reserve. Please do not edit this page without the permission of DrBleepDrBleep or RogetRoget.

If you expected to see yourself listed here, please check the MSL to ensure you are listed as Active.

There are currently 43 Active staff members, it takes 22 Active staff voting or otherwise participating in official 05 business to establish a quorum.


User Teams Timezone Promoted
DexanoteDexanote Disciplinary[c], Harassment, MAST GMT-5 (EST) March 2017
DrEverettMannDrEverettMann Disciplinary, Harassment[c] GMT-7 (MST) November 2010
DrMagnusDrMagnus Disciplinary, Technical[c] GMT-5 (EST) March 2020
Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus Disciplinary, Rewrite[c], Internet Outreach[c], Licensing GMT-5 (EST) March 2020
pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul Technical[c], Disciplinary GMT-7 (MST) June 2020
RogetRoget Disciplinary, Internet Outreach, MAST[c] GMT-5 (EST) March 2017
SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity Forum Crit, Site Crit[c], Disciplinary, Harassment, Internet Outreach GMT-5 (EST) March 2017
ZynZyn Community Outreach, Forum Crit[c], Site Crit, Disciplinary, Harassment GMT-8 (PST) March 2017


User Teams Timezone Promoted
aismallardaismallard Technical, MAST GMT-5 (EST) June 2020
A Random DayA Random Day Community Outreach[c], Forum Crit, Disciplinary GMT-5 (EST) August 2017
CroquemboucheCroquembouche Technical, MAST GMT+1 (BST) February 2020
DrBleepDrBleep Wikiwalk, Technical, MAST[c], Harassment GMT-6 (CST) June 2020
Elogee FishTruckElogee FishTruck Community Outreach, Licensing, MAST GMT-5 (EST) February 2020
gee0765gee0765 Forum Crit, Site Crit GMT+0 June 2020
LadyKatieLadyKatie Internet Outreach, Harassment GMT-5 (EST) February 2020
LeveritasLeveritas Forum Crit, Rewrite, MAST GMT+1 (CET) February 2018
LilyFlowerLilyFlower Community Outreach, Licensing, Harassment, Disciplinary GMT+1 (BST) February 2018
ModulumModulum Internet Outreach, MAST GMT-6 (CST) February 2020
ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor Community Outreach[c], Licensing[c] GMT-5 (EST) June 2016
RockTeethMothEyesRockTeethMothEyes Forum Crit, Site Crit[c] GMT-6 (CST) February 2020
stormbreathstormbreath Wikiwalk, Licensing, Technical, MAST GMT-8 (PST) June 2020
taylor_itkintaylor_itkin Forum Crit, Community Outreach, Internet Outreach, Disciplinary GMT-5 (EST) August 2019
TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB Forum Crit, Site Crit, Community Outreach, MAST GMT-5 (EST) February 2020
TSATPWTCOTTTADCTSATPWTCOTTTADC Internet Outreach, Community Outreach, MAST GMT-5 (EST) August 2019
Tuomey TombstoneTuomey Tombstone Forum Crit, Technical, Disciplinary GMT+0 February 2018
Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini Community Outreach, Forum Crit, Licensing GMT-5 (EST) August 2019
UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire Forum Crit, Community Outreach, Internet Outreach, Technical, MAST, Harassment GMT-6 (CST) February 2020
VaraxousVaraxous Community Outreach, Rewrite GMT-6 (CST) February 2019

Operational Staff

User Teams Timezone Promoted
Alces_alcesAlces_alces Forum Crit, MAST UTC-6 (CST) February 2019
Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby Forum Crit GMT-5 (EST) September 2018
cybersqydcybersqyd Forum Crit GMT+1 (BST) February 2020
dankaardankaar Forum Crit GMT-5 (EST) June 2016
Deadly BreadDeadly Bread MAST GMT-4 (EST) June 2020
DrAkimotoDrAkimoto Site Crit, Community Outreach, Internet Outreach GMT-5 (EST) February 2020
JackalRelatedJackalRelated MAST GMT-8 (PST) June 2020
JorethJoreth Internet Outreach GMT-5 (EST) April 2017
Lazar LyusternikLazar Lyusternik Forum Crit, Licensing GMT-5 (EST) April 2017
MalyceGravesMalyceGraves Community Outreach, MAST, Site Crit, Disciplinary GMT-4 (EST) June 2020
ManyMeatsManyMeats Site Crit, MAST GMT-6 (CST) August 2019
MrAnakinSpecterMrAnakinSpecter Site Crit GMT-5 (EST) August 2017
N_Aepic_FaelN_Aepic_Fael Forum Crit, Licensing, Community Outreach GMT-5 (EST) February 2020
RaddagherRaddagher Community Outreach GMT-7 (MST) February 2020
YossipossiYossipossi Internet Outreach, MAST GMT-8 (PST) February 2020
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