Does the Black Moon Howl?

  • Only when waning.
  • If the stars are not too busy.
  • Didn't we have a form here or summat?
  • No, it only whispers.
  • Moved it to the sidebar to prevent abuse.
  • God damn it, Eskobar.
  • The White Moon and Black Moon were once in the same sky, lovers dancing around the Earth as their home. But Man became jealous of their celestial romance, and Man's shaman cursed the Black Moon to the Sky That Was Not, tearing it from its partner that it loved. Every night, the Black Moon howls with despair, knowing that it can never be with its lover again.
  • No, it barks for my dad, you son of a bitch.
  • Dread and hope wane with the equinox of the soul and coming knowledge of true parity as aether-things weep in remembrance of simultaneity before the light’s poison heralded dances of maggots within their still-beating corpses.
  • When the children's chorus can sing with it.
  • Only when his sickle's keen.
  • This was such a good idea when I had it… I swear it was…
  • Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
  • ayyy lmao
  • [DATA EXPUNGED OUT OF EMBARASSMENT] IS MY WAIF- oh shit this isn't the waifu thread fuck fuck fuck
  • yeah, it was slenderman, we all know that already okay
  • Only on Thursdays, and you need an appointment.
  • Alright. Done. DONE! No more. You bastards ruin everything.
  • You know better, boys.
  • Who said we were all boys? >:|
  • Dude, we are like, totally, so mature.
  • Only when boobs are in evidence.
  • God Damn it, Troy.
  • Of course not. It marps.
  • Listen, Bright, this was going to be a neat, fun little thing where we all came up with answers. Then everyone pissed in my Cheerios.
  • And here's the bill for your Cheerios, with freshly made water.
  • I thought it was fun…
  • Pineapple?
  • Move up the side, and let the mango through.
  • That pun was Apple-ing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • No, it sings "Last Christmas" and everyone wishes it would go back to howling.
  • She sings sweetly of you, and barks madly to I, even if none are there to answer her cries.
  • Sunlight and moonlight and starlight and we
    shall ever and ever swing 'neath the oak tree
    Through summer and autumn and winter and spring
    do our friends the crows our melodies sing
  • Yes. That's why the moon we can actually see is worried.
  • Only between the hours of 9pm-5am, M-Th. Weekends on appointment.
  • So I can just type anything and it will show up here?
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